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It was a gorgeous week in Edinburgh for a running tour and the weather didn’t disappoint for a Wednesday jaunt around the sights with some lovely ladies all the way from Canada.  Samantha and Allison were keen to take in the sights of Edinburgh and burn off some energy at the same time.  With both ladies in training for what sounds like a fun event of kayaking, running and cycling in September in Vancouver this was the perfect opportunity to stretch out the legs.

Views of Arthur's Seat
Views of Arthur’s Seat

When they first saw the impressive Arthur’s Seat they were unsure whether they would be up for running all the way up or just taking the run around Queen’s Road, but we left that decision for later.

Calton Hill
Calton Hill

Edinburgh is renowned for its hills and we were certainly warmed up by the time we got to the Castle which was a hive of activity with preparations for the Edinburgh Military Tattoo which is an experience like no other; an unforgettable evening of music, dance, ceremony and theatre.  The seating started construction about 6 weeks ago ready for the show program from 1st August until the 23rd August, and will take a good 4 weeks to dismantle afterwards.  On top of that, Royal Mile is exploding with activity ready for Edinburgh Fringe Festival which also kicks off this weekend, so we ran amongst gothics & ghouls, singers, live statues and many a strange character.

After a steady run back down Royal Mile we were faced with the decision to go up or around Arthur’s Seat, the ladies boldly chose the best option and up we went.  We were rewarded with views as far as the eye could see, albeit rather windy, I made sure they held on tight while I got their summit photo!

Hanging on to Arthur's Seat summit
Hanging on to Arthur’s Seat summit

I left the ladies at the end with a tasty treat and a big bottle of water which they thoroughly deserved and they headed off to find some tasty dinner!

Holyrood Park
Holyrood Park



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