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It is nearly here!  The XX Commonwealth games will start on the 23rd July!

Who’s coming?  What tickets have you managed to get?  There are still opportunities to get tickets, so don’t miss out.

It’s events like these that seem to get us motivated.  The Tour de France is on at the moment and suddenly you see an influx of cyclists out and about, when Wimbledon was on the same happened for tennis, when it’s London Marathon, we all get out and go running.  And there’s nothing wrong with that, anything that gets people motivated to get off the couch and out doing something active is a good thing in my book.

So while you are up in Scotland, as I am sure you will have to visit Edinburgh, then why not make use of that motivation and join me on a running tour.  Edinburgh has it’s own venue for the games as well, the Royal Commonwealth pool is hosting the diving, we could incorporate a run past that into your tour as well.

Look forward to having you join me on a run and hearing about your experiences at The Games!